Collection of semen for fertility examination

Do not have intercourse or masturbate for three to four days before collecting the sample.

Wash your hands and penis before collecting the sample, to minimise transfer of bacteria from your skin to the sample.

Collection by masturbation is the preferred method.  If you use interrupted intercourse, do not use a condom, any contraceptive jelly or any lubricant, since these kill sperm.

Collect sample into plastic container provided.  Screw the lid on tightly, and write your name, date of birth and the date and time of collection on the container.

Deliver sample and request form to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection.

If you require further information regarding your test procedure, please telephone Taranaki Medlab:

New Plymouth - 758 7450
Stratford - 765 6229
Hawera - 278 4880