24 Hour urine collection

About your test

  • Your doctor has requested tests which require you to collect all the urine you pass for 24 hours.
  • You will need to obtain a large white plastic specimen bottle and a smaller collecting container from Taranaki Medlab.
  • The specimen container you have been provided with may contain a liquid preservative.  If so it will have a CAUTION sticker adhered. The liquid preservative is poisonous so do not touch the preservative or allow children to play with the container.  STORE IN A SAFE PLACE.

The procedure

  • In the morning empty the bladder before starting the urine collection.
  • Record the start date and time.
  • Collect ALL the urine you pass from now on, UP TO and INCLUDING the same time the following morning (i.e. a 24 hour period).  Pass urine into the collection container and then transfer into the white plastic specimen bottle.
  • Record the finish date and time.
  • Keep your sample cool during the 24 hour collection period.  (In the fridge if possible).
  • Please deliver your sample to Taranaki Medlab as soon as possible once your 24 hour collection period has ended (preferably within 4 hours).

If you require further information regarding your test procedure, please telephone Taranaki Medlab:

New Plymouth - 758 7450
Stratford - 765 6229
Hawera - 278 4880